Crash Dieting to Loose Belly Fat Fast

When it comes to losing belly fat there is not much that women will not try. We will bounce from one diet to the next and combine ten different work-out routines in an attempt to have a slender stomach. The problem is that it never seems to be enough. No matter how much belly fat you try to lose when it is time to get all dressed up and go out, it seems like your stomach is never flat enough. This often has women turning to crash dieting which they hope they can use to loose belly fat fast.

The Purpose of Crash Dieting

Crash diets have a lot in common with fashion. There always seems to be one particular diet that is trendy that everyone just has to try. Most of the time we first hear about the latest crash diet because one of our favorite celebrities claims to have used it and loved it. They always say that it is the best diet they have ever done and that it is a wonderful way to loose belly fat fast.

Do They Work?

There are some crash diets that do work, but that does not make them a good idea. Crash dieting is really hard on your body. When you do it, you are exposing yourself to all sorts of possible side effects. Immediate side effects can be fatigue, headaches, an irregular menstrual cycle, and black-outs. Longer term issues can include organ failure, heart disease, and diabetes. Some experts have even begun to notice that people who frequently use crash dieting techniques to loose belly fat fast often have a bigger problem with visceral fat than women who are content to lose the weight naturally. The increase in visceral fat means that as a result of you trying to loose belly fat fast you have increased the chances that you will develop dementia later in your life. The really sad part is that weight never stays off. It usually does not take very long before you are going to be struggling with the same belly fat. One of the things that experts point out is that crash dieting usually does not result in the loss of belly fat, but rather in a decrease in water weight, something that you will quickly gain back again.

The Down Side to Crash Dieting

Crash dieting and quickly become an example of very dangerous behavior. People who are constantly trying various crash diets in an attempt to loose belly fat put themselves in jeopardy of several dangerous side effects which include:

  • Dehydration
  • Organ failure
  • Malnourishment
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes

Another thing you need to consider is that crash dieting can actually cause your metabolism to slow, making it much harder for you to lose weight and decrease your belly fat.


Looking good is not worth the potential health risks that can result in crash dieting.

When you are feeling self-conscious about your weight you should not try crash dieting. Instead you should renew your vow to continue to lose your belly fat through healthy and safe methods. If you are going out and want to make it look like you have a flat stomach you should make sure that you are wearing a dress or shirt that has tummy control.

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